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What does Julia say? Just as every work of art has an identity or personality of its own, I offer a personal approach to conservation and framing. This offering is based on an extensive academic and commercial knowledge of art in its many forms (oil paintings, sculpture and works on paper) and on many years of practical restoration. Indeed, I have 36 years’ experience as an art historian, an auctioneer and valuer (with a lengthy period of service at Christie’s) and a gilder and conservator. I am thus in an enviable position to advise on the artistic qualities of a work of art, its value at auction or for the purposes of insurance.

You will be confident that this combined expertise allows my studio to treat each case for conservation on an individual basis. Conservation and restoration is never simple and must be handled with sympathy and imagination. Each piece of artwork requires careful assessment and appreciation before any work can commence. For instance, a frame for a picture must be of appropriate material, properly constructed and in sympathy with subject, style and date of a picture. And before any work goes ahead, a client is briefed in full about the work to be undertaken, the options open to you and the costs involved.

From a personal perspective, I take great pride in what I do, each work of art has its own personality and certain pieces need to be bought back to life, commanded by individual care, love and attention. I am very approachable which with any luck will give you the confidence for me to view your artwork and give you all the time you need to talk through with me. For some people, the conservation side can be overwhelming and I can help with any questions you may have, and help you appreciate the best way forward.
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I am extremely flexible and am here to help you. I am around weekdays and most Saturdays. It is best to either contact me via email: or mobile: +44 (0)7771 713 980.

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I have a range of oil paintings, watercolours and drawings for sale, ranging from portrait & figure studies to 18th, 19th and 20th Century Maritime and Topographical paintings.
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We exhibit every year at the British Antiques Dealer's Association Fair which takes place in March every year.

Where: Duke of York Square, London SW3

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All our exhibitions are themed, previous catalogues can be viewed online and printed from a PDF or using ISSUU to enhance your reading experience.
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Whilst we are covered by our insurers, in a limited manner, for articles left with us for conservation or valuation, we recommend clients arrange their own insurance cover for transit to and from the studio as well as during the period itself at the studio..

BADA: The British Antique Dealers' Association is the trade association for the leading antique dealers in Britain.
LAPADA: The UK's Largest Trade Association for Professional Art & Antiques Dealers.
NADFAS: The National Association of Decorative & Fine Arts Societies is a leading arts charity which opens up the world of the arts through a network of local Societies and national events.
Fine Art Trade Guild: The Fine Art Trade Guild is the trade association for the art and framing industry.
CINOA: Confédération Internationale des Négociants en Oeuvres d'Art is a non-profit international federation of dealer associations.
The Worshipful Company of Arts Scholars: Represents all those involved in the study, curation, collection and trade in antiques, antiquities and objects of decorative and applied art.
ICON: The Institute of Conservation is the UK’s leading voice for the conservation of our precious cultural heritage.


You may deliver it in person to our studio in Chiswick, West London (free parking available nearby), or we can arrange to have it collected, we will advise you on how much this would be. If you would like directions, please email me. You are also welcome to send your artwork via registered post or use you own courier.


A typical oil painting can be completed within six weeks. Though more complicated treatments may take longer..

We have a large range of materials in stock which enables us to begin work on your frame usually within two weeks, more complex or bespoke frames can take a little longer..

Yes, the finished result is virtually invisible. We would only hope to repair the painting with a delicate patch but more complex tears would require lining / relining the canvas..

• Watercolours
• Frames
• Oil Paintings
• Sculptures (wood & terracotta)
• Pencil drawings
• Prints / etchings & lithographs
• Photographs
• Mirrors / Looking glasses
• Ink drawings
• Works on paper.

Yes, from subtle repairs through to complete restructuring / regilding. We also operate bespoke framing, so your existing frame can either be repaired or we can make a traditional moulding to reflect a more tender option for your beautiful work of art..

If you look at the selection of before and after photos in the gallery, you should get an idea of what types of pieces can be cleaned. Please always contact me if you have any questions..

No, signatures should never be touched or tampered with in anyway, it also devalues the price of the picture..

Yes you can, we offer a large choice of mouldings and mounts to choose from to give your picture a new lease of life. We would be delighted to make something bespoke to compliment your work of art.


As a rule, our estimates are free of charge, subject to how complex the work of art may be. This I can advise on a one to one basis should the estimate take longer. If there is an additional charge, it will be absorbed within the final cost, should you allow us to carry out the work. I have at heart, the value and integrity of the work in hand and in every estimate, it is explained in detail what needs to be done, taking into account the value..

Every conservation treatment is different and depends upon the individual piece and its conservation needs. While I cannot provide an exact cost estimate without physically seeing the piece, (it is unprofessional to attempt to give you an estimate over the telephone). I can offer you a ballpark estimate if you provide a description of the piece as well as photographs of the front and back and details of damaged areas. Once I examine the actual item I will provide a firm estimate..

Yes! In fact, auction prices for works of art increase with condition; cleaned paintings and works on paper will sell for much more than discoloured, stained ones. Additionally, the difference in price between the treated and untreated artwork is often substantially greater than the cost of treatment, making conservation a good investment.


I can provide valuations and expert advice, in addition to giving lectures and all day study days

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Yes, I cover all areas of valuations including probate.

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I would love to help anyone who has in interest in art conservation, whether it be time shadowing what I do on a day to day basis or work experience hoping to pursue a career in this industry. I am also always on the look out to expand my team of professional conservators.

Work for Julia Korner.

I have a passion for what I do, and I love to show people what I do to get the young and old inspired. I give talks, lectures and Study Days on Conservation.
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