Frames & Mounts Over decades frames become brittle and fragile. They are always sensitive to atmospheric conditions and deterioration can accelerate if changes are abrupt.

Julia first stabilises the surface ground to prevent further deterioration before delicately cleaning any ingrained dirt. She then replaces and re-gilds detailed shapes and motifs. The next stage is waxing and distressing, returning the frame to its former glory. Finally, Julia uses corks to spring-load it back into place.

Bespoke Frames

You cannot underestimate the importance of a good frame. It will transform the picture into a work of art that will bring untold appreciation. If needed, Julia is able to make a bespoke frame that will bring your picture to life.

A Brief History of Frames

Sati Scene c.1770-71 by Tilly Kettle (1735-1786) held in an outset cornered William Kent style frame made in the studio by Julia

Below this you can download a copy of the article that Julia wrote for the Art Framing Today trade magazine (August 2016 edition). Julia takes us on a journey through the golden age of frame-making in Europe, from the Mediaeval period to the 19th century. The frame is an essential part of a painting, and plays an important role that is often overlooked.

A Brief History of Frames - Download me!